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               __________               __   ___.
     Open      \______   \ ____   ____ |  | _\_ |__   _______  ___
     Source     |       _//  _ \_/ ___\|  |/ /| __ \ /  _ \  \/  /
     Jukebox    |    |   (  <_> )  \___|    < | \_\ (  <_> > <  <
     Firmware   |____|_  /\____/ \___  >__|_ \|___  /\____/__/\_ \
                       \/            \/     \/    \/            \/

Build Your Own Rockbox

1. Clone 'rockbox' from git (or extract a downloaded archive).

   $ git clone git://


   $ tar xjf rockbox.tar.bz2

2. Create a build directory, preferably in the same directory as the firmware/
   and apps/ directories. This is where all generated files will be written.

   $ cd rockbox
   $ mkdir build
   $ cd build

3. Make sure you have mips/m68k/arm-elf-gcc and siblings in the PATH. Make sure
   that you have 'perl' in your PATH too. Your gcc cross compiler needs to be
   a particular version depending on what player you are compiling for. These
   can be generated using the script in the /tools/ folder of the

   $ which arm-elf-eabi-gcc
   $ which perl

4. In your build directory, run the 'tools/configure' script and enter what
   target you want to build for and if you want a debug version or not (and a
   few more questions). It'll prompt you. The debug version is for making a
   gdb version out of it. It is only useful if you run gdb towards your target

   $ ../tools/configure

5. *ploink*. Now you have got a Makefile generated for you.

6. Run 'make' and soon the necessary pieces from the firmware and the apps
   directories have been compiled, linked and scrambled for you.

   $ make
   $ make zip

7. unzip the on your music player, reboot it and

If you want to build for more than one target, just create several build
directories and create a setup for each target:

   $ mkdir build-fuzeplus
   $ cd build-fuzeplus
   $ ../tools/configure

   $ mkdir build-xduoox3
   $ cd build-xduoox3
   $ ../tools/configure

Questions anyone? Ask on the mailing list or on IRC. We'll be happy to help you!