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Extends available steam deck refresh rate options

Running hardware outside of factory specifications may reduce lifespan and/or cause damage

I am not responsible if your Steam Deck dies prematurely or any other damage occurs to it.

Be prepared to restore your Steam Deck using a recovery image if installation goes wrong or other problems arise.


  1. Enter desktop mode
  2. Download install-rre.sh
  3. From terminal, run sudo bash install-rre.sh
  4. Return to Gaming Mode

Ensure that you have Unified Frame Rate / Refresh Rate Limiter enabled

Tested working on SteamOS 3.5.7, other versions may not work

Available Refresh Rates:

  • LCD Panel Deck: 40-70Hz
  • BOE OLED Panel Deck: 40-120Hz [Theoretical Bandwidth Limit is ~133Hz]
  • SDC OLED Panel Deck: Untested 40-120Hz [Theoretical Bandwidth Limit is ~100Hz]

If you would like to throw money at me (to, for example, purchase a Steam Deck with a Samsung Panel) you may send Monero to 86Zn9mxjji6JaH9EfRn3Yqg2jVw5YeCQZaZVyCZx1Vd9A9ZjZSY2y26Jrv8nipr8ovDuVACpk59xT4YRj3nUp2C8HKBD9cg

If you are at Valve and would like to incorporate part/all of my changes into gamescope/SteamOS, I would appreciate being contacted first.